6 steps to shopping mindfully

  1. Identify a need (an occasion or item e.g. pitch meeting or kitten heeled slingback)·
    • Shop intentionally rather than impulsively = leave time between wanting/seeing & buying
    • Know that you won’t miss out if it goes away. You’ll find something better.
  2. Be wary of trends, stay true to yourself.
    • Does it feel like me when I put it on, or
    • Does it match the next level vision of me?
  3. Only buy what fits perfectly, right now.
    • Exceptions can be made for hemming or alterations you regularly perform to make ready-to-wear enhance your body type.
  4. Twirl around in your dreams – does this outfit join the dance?
    • What does my life look like?
    • Does this piece fit my life?
  5. Challenge your closet: Is it a broken record, or a harmonious echo?
    • Look in your closet and as yourself, “Do I keep buying the same piece over and over?”
  6. Invest in pieces that play well with what you already own.
    • Purchase items you can wear without requiring further wardrobe expansion.
    • Discover treasures that instantly elevate your existing wardrobe.

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