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Enclus provides regularly curated outfit ideas, matching you with designers who make inclusivity and eco-consciousness a part of their business plan and practices.

If you’ve seen Meryl Streep’s master turn as a famous Vogue editor, you remember her breaking down how choices made in couture filter into what’s produced on a grand scale. An artistic choice by one couture designer inspires another and then a group in the following seasons, and that filters down until that creative element is offered in all stores everywhere.

Streep’s character summarizes her point about the intern’s selection of a cerulean sweater by noting, “that blue represents millions of dollars and countless jobs”.

If clothing manufacturers live to bite couture decisions and produce some version of them for the masses, it’s reasonable to imagine principles modeled by the luxury designers will also filter down to be accepted business practices for giant fashion producers.

Enclus Style provides editorial and information that highlights the designers who have committed to represent diversity and produce with sustainability practices at the forefront. Using this information as a springboard, Enclus curates outfits from those designers’ collections with links where these pieces can be purchased, including as secondhand or recommerced items.