The most fabulous luxury fashion embraces all ages, genders, colors and shapes. Exclusivity in these areas isn’t required to make designer items special and valuable. When you design apparel with inclusivity in mind, and market those clothes to a diverse group, you send a powerful message of acceptance. This is not just lovely, exciting and expansive, it’s smart.

Luxury apparel has always been at the forefront of pushing boundaries and setting trends.

Couture is in a position to send a powerful message of acceptance and inclusion while opening itself to a market with endless possibilities. The demand for diversity is consumer driven, and customers are standing ready to push back if gate keepers resist the change.

Of course this also matters for the lovely reasons — we’re asking designers and labels to expand their visions so feeling a part of is incorporated into the business of looking amazing. When everyone sees themselves represented in the fashion world, it can be a powerful feeling, the confidence of feeling seen and valued.

So here’s the deal, designers: Inclusivity is valuable, it’s fabulous, it’s smart. There are a few established couture houses who are beating you to the punch. While eco-consciousness favors style over fashion, the trends, mania, fads and fancies still grab headlines, and dollars.

Be the new, most powerful kind of fabulous and STYLE US ALL.

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