Feeling represented is the most beautiful feeling in the world
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Enclus Beauty isn’t just about gorgeous products, it’s about building a beautiful community.


We’ve proudly partnered with the Los Angeles LGBT Drop In Center, dedicating a portion of every sale to support unhoused young people. We hope to expand this partnership by donating skincare products, adding to their essential services like showers, meals, and laundry.


We’re inspired by the likes of Sascha Breuer, Jason Schneidman, Hair 4 Humanity (among many others) who bring their beautification skills to those in need. We also believe a fresh visage can help us better face intense challenges.


And our commitment extends beyond donations. We envision a vibrant online community where individuals can share their unique beauty journeys and empower each other. In our Los Angeles neighborhood (which is rich in diversity and historically under-served), we’ll source talent locally to build out our online tools and store, and to amplify our social presence.


Let’s all be beautifully Enclusive.